How I Fixed My Balding (One Year After Surgery)

Objavljeno 18. nov. 2020
The moment you've all been waiting for! One year later, Zach's official hair restoration transformation is here! See the results from his surgery that aimed to reverse balding!
*Disclaimer: This video was filmed a few months ago, when COVID cases were low and all parties on set tested negative for COVID-19 before beginning filming
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  • I... you're immunal compromised.. and not wearing a mask?? what?? I don't care if it's 'cause it wouldn't look nice... thats a really bad sign to send.

  • happy and confident zach is my jam

  • Is his hair permanent or is he going to stay on hair drugs forever?

  • I’ve been looking for this update for a year!!!! You look great. And you seem to feel great. All about you and not what others think.


  • If you have the power to change something you don’t like about your body, there is no need for body positivity or self love. Getting a hair transplant, losing some weight, getting a plastic surgery is not something to be ashamed of or feel bad about. You don’t have to love everything about yourself if you can change it

  • Well done 👍🏻! Thank you so much for sharing your journey❤️. My son is 22 and is in the same boat.

  • I remember watching a video like a month or so ago and I thought wow his hair is looking so good that surgeon did a good job

  • Poor guy!

  • Awww I LOVE the final hair do Zach!!! You look great

  • Zach, I adore you :) you are incredible and so deeply loved 💛

  • Im not even a facial hair person but that surgeon's beard is so nice and thicc ye5

  • I’m so happy for you!!!!

  • I’m honestly just so proud of Zach for being so open and honest about his experience with something that would make most man extremely uncomfortable to talk about. So happy for you, Zach!

  • he looks soo good with his hair half shaved tho

  • Why is everyone pacifying him? He doesn’t have thick hair and that’s ok...

  • That ending made my heart sink

  • Would this work for women? I’m losing my hair already at 22.

  • Yo Asmongold check this out


  • I love when David appears in a video. He's so fun

  • Me: let's see the comments at this video SLnumber: No. You want to see commercials

  • It’s very interesting, psychologically... Confidence comes from within. It truly does. I’m dating a balding guy right now who is not very tall. He is a bad ass, no nonsense, criminal defense attorney. And he’s very masculine and doesn’t give a shit. Therefore, because of his attitude, I don’t give a shit either. Just saying. It’s not all about looks but more about how you present yourself. Behavior, facial expressions, how you dress, tone of voice, rate of speech, etc. supersedes anything else. Feeling powerful is a mindset and my guy is a natural born leader with high intelligence. No amount of hair transplants or makeovers could change that. That said, I’m happy for this guy who feels better about himself but I encourage others who don’t change anything about themselves - hair, weight, aging, etc - it’s A-ok to accept yourself just as you are. Remember - you teach people how to treat you.

  • I Guess Everyone is jealous of Eugene's hair now a days

  • With his new haircut Zack sorta looks like Logic who else agrees?

    • Our poor boy has been through hell he deserves something for himself ❤️

    • Our poor boy has been through hell he deserves something for himself ❤️

  • It's wasn't a good surgery afterall

  • Logic

  • Aaand it cost?

  • Did he lose weigjt?

  • No need to feel guilty about cosmetic surgery zack, body positivity is as long being comfortable enough to do what you want with your body. Like I’m 19 and I like the way I look but I’ve thought about Botox because I want my face to stay the same as I age. Just do what you wanna do

  • They need to do this for women 🔥🔥

  • i do not think he liked his haircut that much at first 🥴😂

  • the entire cast of breaking bad

  • this is so cute i'm so happy for Zach

  • I have hair that’s way too fuckin thick you can have like half of it just dye it your color cause it’s green 😂😂😂

  • zach highkey would look hot in a buzzcut

  • Holy shit he got his hair back

  • His results are actually pretty bad. I feel bad for him.

  • I kinda wish he did buzz it off, honestly I think he could rock the bald look, but I understand him not wanting to!

  • Our poor boy has been through hell he deserves something for himself ❤️

  • not gonna lie i totally am supporting the topknot idea

  • His hair looked good before the dude gave him a haircut ngl Big hair makes Zach look really good

  • Why is nobody wearing a mask?

  • Is it just me or did his entire personality change too? He's way more confident, wow

  • I'm happy for Zach and that this work out for him but the pandemic is not over and if you guys still want to film at least use a mask if you are gonna hang out with other people. Only one person on this video use a mask. Or at least the guest can use a mask. Rapid test can be false negative and if you don't have any symptoms doesn't mean you don't have it and can spread the virus to other people.

  • Go for the second transplant, he would look even better

  • i have been waiting for this!!!!

  • I want the two beard brows to kiss.

  • So wait, he still has to take a pill? How annoying, I thought it was fixed. Please correct me if Im wrong

  • Should've just shaved it bald bro not gonna lie

  • I love seeing Zach's smile!!

  • This hair transplant is a bigger scam than Cardi B drugging and robbing men.

  • Zach this is really great and all but....I think you would also rock shiny bald. so when the day comes (far, far ahead into the future), you don't have anything to worry about, my guy :D

    • @misolou fout I'm not quite sure what this means but okay

    • bald gracefully 🙄

  • I really thought having too much testosterone and being too manly would make men bald, you proved me wrong

  • The haircut was a disaster

  • YAY!!

  • Ngl i think Zach would pull off the bald look pretty well, he has the skull shape for it. At first I thought it would look weird on him and not fitting his personality but the scene when he’s in the bathroom he looks kinda like a more handsome version Yuval Harari. Definitely something to consider

  • He looks so different now

  • I’m sorry did they say they gave him FINASTERIDE?! ....urm I hope he knows the risks that come with that! This should never be given to Cisgender men IMO.

  • How much did all this cost?

  • he should get another surgery to get to a NW2

  • Zach is such a precious guy, he's adorable to unbearable levels

  • You look great!!! I hated your haircut though, it’s time for a new barber! As soon as he whipped out that much pomade I thought, “this is going to go downhill realllllll quick”

  • Didn't Ssundee get a similar surgery? Idk haven't watched him in a while but I thought he did

  • 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

  • id ask for my money back

  • Ngl you look really good with a shaved head

  • to all the people that are reading this: it's ok to accept yourself and your body and your looks but still want to change things, if that makes us happy then it shouldn't be a problem, be it something temporal like a haircut or dying our hair or things more permanent like tattoos or surgeries, don't let others judge you for something inoffensive that makes you happier

  • yo he’s got hair shit

  • His hair still looks bad tho... and since he’s already prone to balding he’s going to still bald in the other areas then what, have hair in random places... he should have just gone bald gracefully 🙄

  • As someone who went bald young I just let mine go. But to each his own, happy for this guy that made him feel better. But for me personally, it would not be worth taking a pill everyday Plus all the money spent to do the hair restoration plus having to have it redone every several years as baldness continues.

  • Looks the same

  • I love how happy he is ^^

  • Now I'm wondering if it works for beard, for people who can't grow one or who have lacking patches

  • I've been waiting for this update FOREVER!!!!

  • Post surgical depression is rough.

  • I hope I can afford to have this operation as well since it really affected my personality and profession 😥 I hope I can have the same procedure ❤️U did sir 💪Congrats

  • I don’t know why seeing Zach feel so good about himself made me feel so good about myself, his positivity really rubbed off on me ❤️

  • When you get hair implant but still look ugly.

  • The guy in the black shirt looks really annoyed lol

  • Finally ! Un update on his hair

  • So over performed..

  • didnt watch the video yet, just wanted to say i have been waiting for this video

  • I loved his hair

  • It’s... ok. Honestly, if he got this for free then definitely go for it, but if it is going to cost a lot of money: I just prefer bald men. It’s just me personally but I think it’s sexier. Maybe he should try shaving it one day, really short. He might be surprised how good it looks.

  • I swear Zach should do audiobooks

  • Seeing him so confident about this honestly brings tears to my eyes. Body positivity is obviously about loving yourself, but it should also be about being allowed to do things for yourself to help you feel good about yourself. Thank you for sharing your journey :)

  • Lmao this whole video felt like “let’s celebrate Zach having all this gorgeous hair again by cutting it into the shortest it’s been since the treatments!” Those styles weren’t flattering which hurt way more than cutting it so short

  • ZACH I WAS GOING TO CRY!!! I thought you were going to shave your head omg!!

  • I’m so happy for you Zach because I remember that being such a problem for you, and you’re so much more confident and it shows. I don’t even remember your hair being so thin! I love you


  • So, literal surgery for hairloss and then.... a barber gives him a cut that makes him look balding again. Unfortunate, but hey, it'll grow back. Impressive results really. Though tbh he looked cool before too. Confidence is key.

  • Ok, Zach, 3 photos is already a lot of effort! By the way, you are looking great!

  • who did these captions

  • So cringe......

  • You can totally support a body positivity message _AND_ recommend surgeries and health treatments. If someone, like Zach, is so depressed and anxious about the way they look, if it's dragging them down every time they look in the mirror, surgeries and health treatments are absolutely okay, if it saves someone's mental state or even their life in some cases we should never get at them for it. That is true body positivity.

  • Johnny sins

  • i’m so glad he’s happy 🥺

  • Try some peanut butter... it works!

  • I just watched the first one, and it said there would be an update in 6 months to a year. I looked and saw it was a year ago, then searched for an update, and it just so happens that you guys JUST released it in the last couple days. That is too awesome.